Terms & Conditions

5 days delivery Terms & Conditions

1. In order to take advantage of this offer, the payment for the package must be fully made.

2. Only purchases of default package deals are covered by this policy. The concerned project manager will share the timeline if the client approves of the customization.

3. Only our company's business days will be the next five days. Any local holidays or weekends that fall in the middle of the calculation will not be taken into account.

4. The day count only starts when you provide all required accounts such as map key, payment gateway details and Information for the Installation And App Submission And are verified by the concern Customer Support Executive.

5. If the Play Store or the App Store rejects your app, the five business day frame will not be considered. Our team will resubmit the application, and as a result, the deadline might be extended. (If the Apple or Google teams require any changes to the feature before it is submitted, those modifications are possible under customization.)