Emergency Ambulance Online Application - Ambifast

Ambifast Ambulance app will combine patient and partner ambulance driver transportation for emergencies onto a mobile technology platform that is functional, direct, and offers immediate emergency service fulfilment.

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We are aware of the need, importance and the emergency of the application for your company. So that, we're providing you with this quick service confirmation.

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Google Map Navigation

To complete a trip, the driver must look for both the pickup and drop-off locations. Ambulance drivers can use the Google Maps navigation option to find the customer's location.

Auto location and fare update at the end of the trip

After the trip is completed, the system will check for the actual travel distance and automatically update the fare while displaying the ride fare details.

Vehicle Categories

You can add different types of vehicles from the admin panel, such as AC ambulances, non-AC ambulances, ICU ambulances, ambulances with oxygen cylinders, and so on. These will be displayed to customers as vehicle categories, and they can choose the vehicle of their choice.

Booking cancellation

Occasionally it's required to cancel a trip after it has been booked because of some reasons. As a result, there is a cancellation option for the trip. Both the customer and the driver can cancel the trip from their respective apps.

Payment modes

Ambifast allows its customers to pay in the way that they prefer. We've integrated Razorpay, In-App Wallet, and Cash for payment. We can easily integrate any other payment gateways that a customer requires based on their location.

Location Fetching

Customers must choose a pickup and drop-off location when booking a trip. For this customer, he or she can drag the map and choose a location from there. If they type the address, Google Maps will provide suggestions from which they can choose. They can also choose from the list of recently ride locations as a suggestion.

Call option

Before beginning the trip, communication between the driver and the customer is required when booking a ride. As a result, the customer and the driver can communicate via call.

Wallet option

Both the customer and the driver can pay and recevie money with a their own wallet. Where they can deposit money and use it later using online payment methods. Customers can pay for their trips with this wallet, and drivers can receive payments with it.

Refer and earn option

Customers can recommend your application to friends, relatives, and others who were not previously aware of it. While referring in this manner, that specific customer may earn a commission for that referral. The admin panel is where you can change the referral settings.

Push Notification

After confirmation, the ride booking driver will update the status of each stage, which will be visible in the customer application. Even if the customer does not open the application, they will receive these status updates as push notifications.