On Demand Ride-Hailing Application - CAB2U

CAB2U provides a comprehensive taxi app development platform that includes vehicle management, driver management, online bookings and dispatch panel.

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Simple Sign up & Login

Both customers and drivers can register from the application easily using their mobile number with OTP verification and also can log in with their mobile number and password. For this OTP verification, we have integrated the Twilio sms gateway.

Multiple Payment Gateways

CAB2U allows its customers to pay comfortably out of their choice. We have integrated Razorpay, Flutterwave, Paypal, In-App Wallet & Cash for the payment. If any customer needs to integrate any other payment gateways based on their countries, we can easily integrate them.

Live tracking

CAB2U has a live tracking option for customers. For this, we have used the Polyline concept which this also a dynamic one. If we want, can make enable and disable it. customers can monitor every move of the driver. Drivers can easily track their path from their current location to the customer's pickup location to the destination by using the location navigation icon from the app with help of Google Maps.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings & reviews will surely help the business to increase the trust among new users of the app. Both the customers & drivers can share their reviews and rate each other for the trip.

Dispatch Panel

The dispatch panel will help Admin/Dispatcher to create the trip on behalf of any registered or unregistered passengers. Dispatchers can use the panel to create requests for any user who wants to book a ride.

After filling in all the required details like name, phone number, and more they can book the ride. On the page, we can have all options like create a trip, pending trip, ongoing trip, completed trip, etc...

Bird View

The bird's view is an extraordinary feature. From the admin panel where the admin can view and can track the real-time location of all the vehicles with their online and offline status.

Commercial Module

The commercial module is used as a delivery trip and works like a logistic service. If any customer wants to send goods, they can be using this option. In the drive app, have an option for selecting passenger and commercial vehicles. So, the admin can easily be managed for trip types.

Customer Subscription Module

For regular customers, we can give a subscription option for getting payment. Customers can subscribe to some packages which are allocated from the admin panel and they can offer rides with those subscription packages. Mostly, ride-sharing customers want to use it, it will help for getting more customers.

Driver Earning Report

For, every trip drivers get a certain commission which can be allocated from the admin panel. The driver can check the earnings of their trips from the application itself with their credit, and debit occurrences according to the trips.

Ride Cancel Option

After placing a booking, if the customer wants to change location or vehicle or any other case needs to cancel that trip, also have that option in the app. That cancellation reason can be set by admin. This option can use by both customers and drivers.

Ride Sharing/Car Pooling

This ride-sharing/carpooling option mostly wanted feature in taxi applications. Most of the regular customers preferred this option for their regular usage where customers from the same locations with on-the-way drops can share their rides. For, this we have used our algorithm. Admin can manage payment options as dynamical. The subscription payment module mostly helps ride-sharing services.

SOS option

The SOS option is one of the most in-demand features in the taxi app. If on traveling customer didn't feel comfortable/safe they can use this option. Customers can add multiple contacts under the SOS page.

With a single click can send sms with the customer's real-time location to all contacts. For this sms, we have used the Twilio sms gateway.

Multi Vehicle option

Every driver has different types of vehicles like hatchback sedans, SUVs, etc... So, from the admin panel, we have given various vehicle type options for the driver. The driver can easily select that and can get a booking based on the vehicle.

It will be helpful for the customer also, based on the passenger count they can select a vehicle.

Responsibility Privilege Module

Responsibilty Privilege Module is one of the most key featutes in this app. Admin can create sub admin to track/maintain trips module, earnings module etc... It will help to segregate the work to employees/dispatchers/sub admin without full access of super admin panel. whatever we want can restrict and give the access too.

Favorite Location

Frequent users need to search for pickup and drop locations every time, it will not like them. For solving this we have a favorite location and add an option for both pickup and drop. So, a regular customer going to the same place can easily select their destination with an existing saved one.

Daily Trip

Daily trips are one of the most common trip types by using customers. It will use for frequent local travelers for minimalize distances. By having these trip types, customers get more vehicle availabilities and drivers also get more bookings.

Rental trip

The rental trip is also one of the trip types of our application where the customer selects the vehicle for rent according to the rental package.

For this type, there can be different packages that can be managed by the admin for the particular KM and time, also shown to the customers.

Outstation Trip

If the user like to have an outstation ride they can select the outstation Trip. There is one way and rounded trip option available. So, long-distance travelers also get booking from this app.

Promo codes

Most customers want a discount option for their trips. It will help to attract more customers also. We have a promo code option with some redemption restrictions.

Admin can give promo codes for common or either only for a particular customer. If the customer selects a promo code while placing a booking the discount automatically will be calculated.


Sometimes a customer would like to give tips to the drivers, that option is also available in our Cab2U application. Customers can pay tips for drivers in the mid of the trip. This tip will be added to the driver's wallet after completing the trip.

Admin didn't get any commission from this tip amount. It will stimulate drivers' desire to get more bookings from our app. so, the customer also gets more vehicle availabilities and good behavior from drivers.

Complaint/Support Module

There is a customer support module for customer applications to get support for their trips. They can also register a complaint through this module. This will help the admin to get inquiries from customers.

Customer-driver Chat Option

In the app, a chat option is available in our Cab2u application. Both customers and drivers can chat with each other through the application itself. This chat will help when a customer can't able to speak a driver and need to get status. For this chat, we have used Firebase. so, both can receive it immediately.

Wallet Option

Wallet option is available for both customer and driver. Where they can add their money through online payment modes and use it later. Customers can pay through this wallet for their trips and drivers also can receive their payments through these wallets.


Admin can create zones from admin by using the polygon option. This will help to restrict available locations for the services. Customers can also check whether this app service is available in a particular location or not. Also, it helps the drivers to get more bookings from particular regions.

Heat Map

The Heat map will help with the surge concept. The driver can easily see the highest booking requests area from their application. So, they can move their waiting location to the peak areas.