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Care2home application offers you a comprehensive medical solution, including video call doctor consultations, appointment scheduling and doctor approval, ordering medicines from pharmacies, and scheduling medical tests at laboratories.

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Multi‐specialty hospital management

Multispecialty hospitals can also register with this application and  control their own pharmacies, laboratories and other facilities. These hospitals can be controlled from the super admin panel as well as the hospital's administration Panel.

Online doctor consultation

Customers can initiate a direct video call with the doctors from anywhere in the world and begin an instant consultation with the doctors of their own choice. Through this consultation, they can get clarification on their health-related issues and find a solution.

Free video call plugin

On our application, a video call consultation between a patient and a doctor is possible. We are using the WEBRTC plugins, which are completely free, for this video call consultation.


Doctors may send an E-Prescription to the patient after a video call consultation. The doctor must not need to bring paper, a pen, or any images in order to write a prescription.

We have a format for this E-Prescription. Doctor can input the name of the medication, the session, remarks, if necessary some notes.

Booking doctor appointment

We have a booking appointment option for patients who want to have a direct consultation with doctors. So that the patient can schedule their appointment on a specific day and time.

That appointment will be sent to the doctor's application, and once approved, the customer can visit the doctor directly as per the schedule.

Order medicines by Doctor's E-Prescription

Patients will receive their E-prescription from the doctor after a video call, and they will be able to order medicines from the pharmacy application by uploading the doctor e-prescription in the order medicines option.

Prescription upload order option

Patients who have a hard copy of a prescription from another doctor's consultation can order medicines by uploading an image of that prescription and forwarding it to the pharmacy to order medicines.

Order by selecting products

On the order medicine page, there will be a list of available products on that pharmacy. Customers can choose the medicines they require from the list and place their orders with the pharmacies.

Lab test booking option

If the patients require laboratory testing, they can choose the lab and schedule a direct appointment or have the sample collected from their home. Some packages may be visible under the lab service. Customers can also choose those packages for testing.

Payment gateway

Customers can pay comfortably using their preferred method. For payment, we've integrated Razorpay, Paypal or In-App Wallet. We can easily integrate any other payment gateways required by a customer based on their country.

Push notification

Any of the services like online consultation, appointment booking, ordering medicines undertaken by customer then at the each stage of those services customer will receive push notification about the status of their services.

Google map navigation

For delivering the medicines to the customers, the partner will travel to the customers' location. At that time, the partner can easily find the Customer's location using Google Map Navigation, where the partner application will be redirected to Google map.

Chat option

The chat feature is available as an in-app feature. Customers can communicate with doctors about online or offline appointments, as well as any health-related clarifications.

Search option

Patients can use the search option to find a specific doctors for health advice, hospitals to receive some services, pharmacies to order medications, and laboratories to conduct tests.

Cart Display

A cart page is a page on which users can add the products they want to purchase from the pharmacy and then pay online. Before the customer confirms their medicine orders, they can view the entire order details in the cart page. After the confirmation, the order can be placed.

Blog option

From admin panel you can create an online journal or informational page about medical health, which will be reflected in the application. These pages can be found in the application under the blog option.

Secure login

All users, with the exception of partners, can register from the application using their mobile number. They can set their password after the OTP has been validated.

They can proceed with that mobile number and password. Delivery partners can register in the admin panel under the pharmacy and login with those credentials.

Forgot password

In an event that any user forgets their password, they can reset it using their registered mobile number. To reset their password, they will need to use OTP validation. After successful verification, they can reset their password and continue to login with that new password.

Profile management

A profile settings page is available to all users. The user can change, edit, or update their profile image and other details as needed in this profile settings page.

Roles and responsibility management

The Responsibility Privilege Module is one of the most important features in this app. The administrator can create subadmins to track/maintain services, earnings modules, and so on.

It will help delegate tasks to employees/dispatchers/sub admins who do not have full access to the super admin panel. We have the ability to restrict and grant access to whatever we want.