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Dr.Mech is a mobile app for car wash and service that is interactive, fully functional, and user-friendly with the good UI.

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Easy sign up

Customers can register from the application easily using their mobile number with OTP verification and also can log in with their mobile number and password. For this OTP verification, we have integrated the Twilio sms gateway.

Pick a service

Customers can choose any services what they required from the options on this home screen. They can schedule their service at their convenience. For example, whether they want the car wash right now or at a later time. These services can be managed from the admin panel.

Schedule service

Customers can schedule their service with the flexible time as appointment. Appointments reduce customer's waiting time and maximize service provider capacity. Following the selection of a service, the customer can select the most convenient date and time for the car service to be performed.

Cancel Request

Both the customer and the partner have a option to cancel the booked services. So, if a customer or a partner is troubled with any of the bookings, or else if they have any changes in their bookings, then they can easily cancel that service.

Google map navigation

Partner can easily find the location of the customer by using the google map navigation, where the partner will be redirected to the customer's location.

Promo code option

Most of the customers want a discount option for their services. Also, it will help to attract more customers. We have a promo code option with some redemption restrictions.

Admin can give promo codes for common or either only for a particular customer. If the customer selects a promo code while placing a booking, then the discount automatically will be calculated.

Book more than one service in an order

Sometimes customers want to booking multiple services at single order, like Car Wash and Oil Services. Our system allows a partner to work on many services, that can be managed from the admin panel. So that customer book multiple services in single order.

Search option

The Search Option allows you to search for keywords and specify more specific date range options on services.Customers can easily find their required service by typing its name into the search bar on the customer's home screen.

Cart Page availability

A cart page is a page where users can pile up the services they want to buy from the application and then pay online. Before the customer checks out their services, there is a cart page view where they can confirm their bookings.

Order history

Order history allows a customer to keep track of all current and past orders as well as their status in the order process. It enables the customer to obtain up-to-date information on each online order, including delivery and payment details. Hence users can view your order history in the My orders section of thier application.

Push notification

Instant alerts are given to mobile devices via push notifications. They are one of the most interesting channels since they interact with clients directly. These push notifications will be sent to both the customer and the partner's application. At each stage of the service users will recevie the update through push notifications.

Customer enquiry

Customers may have questions about services that are not currently available as a result, there is an option for customers to send queries directly to service providers.

Bill Calculation

The customer can access all of his booking information, including price and schedule, after making a service reservation. The customer's bill will automatically calculate the service charge and include the applicable tax and will be shown to the customers instantly.

Payment methods

We have integrated Razorpay, Wallet & Cash for the payment. If any customer needs to integrate any other payment gateways based on their countries, we can easily integrate them.




Wallet option

Wallet option is available for both customer and partner. Where they can add their money through online payment modes and use it later. Customers can pay through this wallet for their services and partners also can receive their payments through these wallets. If there is any cancellation in their service bookings then customers will receive their amount to their wallet.

Service status update

At each stage of their service,the partner will change the status and that will be reflect to the the customer application directly. So that the customer will receive the status on each stage of the service.

Call option

The Call option allows users to call one another. Users may occasionally consider making a phone call about their services. Through this call option, both the customer and the partner can communicate about the services.

Tax settings

In the admin panel, you can configure the tax details based on your country. This will be calculated automatically based on the customer bill amount.

Manage service request from admin panel

The admin panel allows you to add, edit, and delete all services. Services can also be assigned to the partner directly from the admin panel. The admin panel also allows you to view all of the service stages.

Roles and responsibilities can be manage from admin panel

One of the most important features in this app is the Responsibility Privilege Module. Subadmins can be created by the administrator to track/maintain services, earnings modules, and so on. It will assist in delegating work to employees/dispatchers/sub admins who do not have full access to the super admin panel. We can restrict and grant access to whatever we want.




Admin dashboard

The Administrative Dashboard gives administrators direct access to critical Encompass tools for more efficient and convenient application management. The Dashboard functions as an administrative home page, providing access to key application management components.From Admin panel dashboard, an admin can check all the statistical information in numbers and also in graphical view.


All application users may have questions from time to time and need some clarifications on their doubts. For this reason, FAQs are used to answer their questions. These FAQs can be added via the admin panel.

Privacy Policies

You can create your own privacy policy that specifies what information you collect from users or visitors, why you collect it, and how you intend to use it. This can be entered in the admin panel and reflected in the applications.