An Amazing Application for fastest food delivery - FoodLakh

Foodlakh is an app that supports a variety of restaurants and enables not only food ordering but also delivery using its couriers. This kind of app is typically good for startups if they have competitive features to set themselves.

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Multivendor structure

Our application has a multi-vendor structure, which allows multiple restaurants to sell their food items. That is more than one restaurant can register with our application.

Restaurant Control Board

Multiple restaurants can register using our multi-vendor application. However, these restaurants will have their own applications, as well as an admin panel. Their admin panel allows them to control the restaurant and add their own menu list.

Scheduled order

Customers can place their orders from the available restaurants. Customers who do not require those items immediately can use the schedule order option to make a later order as a pre booking reservation.

Chat and Call option

When placing an order for certain items, it may be necessary to communicate with the people handling the order. As a result, there is a chat and call option available between customer, restaurant, and partner.

Order assignment

When a customer orders items from a restaurant, the order is sent directly to the restaurant application, along with the order details. Similarly, once the restaurant is ready to dispatch the food, they can directly forward the order to the delivery boy.

Order Management

When the delivery boy receives the order, he will change the status of each stage of the order. Both the restaurant and the customer will receive this notification.

Order Cancellation

Customers, restaurants, and delivery partners can all cancel orders. All user applications include a cancellation option. If the customer or the restaurant cancels, the order is cancelled completely. If the partner cancels the order, it will be assigned to the next closest partner.

Menu Filter

Menus displayed in the customer application can be made more visible by using menu filters. For example, if a customer wants to see vegitable foods, he or she can use these filters to do so.

Dynamical food tags

Restaurants can create food tags for their items in the admin panel; these tags will be displayed to customers on those items. These tags may help the customer become more familiar with the items.

Tax Option

On each order, there will be a bill amount that the customer must pay. On that bill, restaurants can add the tax amount as per their country taxes. In the admin panel, there is a tax option where restaurants can create tax details. This will be automatically added to the order's bill amount.

Push notification

When the customer orders the items, he will receive push notifications at each stage of the ordering process. At each stage, the partner will change the order status, and the customer will be notified automatically via push notification. As a result, they can check the status of the order without opening the application.

Payout Portals

Customers can pay online or in cash at the time of delivery. We have integrated the razor pay payment gateway for online payments. Other than this customers can maintain their own wallet and transfer money from it to the restaurant's wallet for their orders.

Wallet Option

Both customers and restaurants can maintain their own digital amount through their wallet. Customers can transfer money from their wallet to the restaurant's wallet for their orders. Restaurants and Partners will also have their own wallet to receive their earnings. If the customer cancels his order which had paid throught online then he will receive the cancelled orders' cash back on his wallet.

Redemption Code

Customers can get discounts on their orders by using the promo code option. These promo codes can be issued to a single or all customers via the admin panel.

Google Map Navigation

To deliver the items, the delivery partner must travel to the customer's location, so the partner must be aware of the customer's location. Partner can use Google Maps navigation to determine the location of the customer.

Withdrawal option

Both the restaurant and the partner have their own wallet, where they will receive their earnings. If they need to withdraw money from their wallet, they can do so by sending a withdrawal request to the admin through their app and receiving payment from the admin.

Earnings Management

Both the restaurant and the partner have their own wallets where their earnings will be deposited. They can view this information in their own application. Each and every transcation they can check in their earnings option.

Search Option

A search option is available on the customer application's home page. Customers can easily check their need items by using the search option to retrieve their required items.

Sending Announcement

There may be times when it is necessary to send an announcement or notification to all users, such as festival offers or holiday announcements. In that case, the administrator can use the announcement option. Creating announcement from admin panel will hit to the particular application.

Complaints Module

Customers may have complaints about the items they order from time to time. So that they can use the complaint module to send the complaints to the restaurant.

Menu Page

Menus can be added by the restaurant administrator to display items in the customer application. From the restaurant application restaurant can change the items availablity using the menu filters. There is a toggle button for each menu item and restaurant can adjust those button as per the availablity. It will reflect to the customer application for their selection.