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Mr.Pharman is one of the best multi vendor mobile application allows you to order medications online and have them delivered right to your door.

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Multi Vendor System

Our application is multi-vendor, allowing multiple pharmacies to sell their medical products. More than one pharmacy can register with our application and can sell their medicines to their customers.

Vendor Web Panel

Our multi-vendor application allows multiple pharmacies to register. These pharmacies, however, will have their own applications as well as an admin panel. They can control the pharmacies and add their own product list through their admin panel.

Upload Prescription Option

After consulting with a doctor, patients are usually given a prescription. They will use this prescription to place an order for medicines. Patients who have a hard copy of a prescription and need to order medicines can upload an image of that prescription and send it to the pharmacy.

Purchase Medicines

Customers may have their own ideas about which medicines they require. So that they can choose the necessary products from the list and place their order directly. They can check the details of the medicines and add those medicines in cart to order.

Spontaneous Order Assignment

When a customer application places an order with a specific pharmacy, that pharmacy will pack the products and prepare them for delivery. When they are ready to dispatch, the order will be automatically redirected to the nearest delivery partner to make the delivery.

Re-order Option

Some patients will need to take their medications on a regular basis, so they will reorder the same medicines from time to time. As a result, our application includes a reorder feature that allows them to reorder the same set of medications from their previous order.

Order Revocation

Orders can be cancelled by customers, pharmacies, and delivery partners. All user applications have a cancel button. If either the customer or the pharmacy cancels, the order is completely cancelled. If the partner cancels the order, it will be assigned to the partner who is the next nearest.

Pharmacy Recommendation

Customers will see a list of pharmacies while attempting to order medicine. This list will include recommended pharmacies based on their nearness to the user location.

Promo code with redemptions

Promo codes can be created and assigned to customers and pharmacies via the admin panel. If the administrator needs to allocate these promo codes to a specific customer or pharmacies, that option is available; if the administrator needs to allocate to all pharmacies or customers in general, that option is also available.

Chat Option

When ordering medications, there may be a need for communication between the users who are handling the order.Hence there is a chat option for users such as customers, pharmacies, and delivery partners.

Payment gateway

Customers have the option of paying online or in cash at the time of delivery. For online payments, we have integrated the razor pay payment gateway. Customers can also maintain their own wallet and transfer money from it to the pharmacy's wallet to pay for their orders.

Search Option

On the home page of the customer application, there is a search option. Customers can easily check their needed products by using the search option to retrieve the products they need to place an order.

Google Map Navigation

To deliver the products, the partner must travel to the customer's location, so the partner must be aware of the customer's location. Partner can use Google Maps navigation to find the spot of the customer's location.

Cart Option

Customers can search for and confirm which products are needed. They can add the products to the cart and view them in the cart page once they have confirmed the products. Before placing their order, customers can check the cart page to finalise their order. If they need to change the number of products in the order, they can do so directly from the cart page.

Order Management

When a customer places an order with a pharmacy, the pharmacy will route it to a delivery partner. When the delivery partner receives the order, he will update the status of each stage of the order. This notification will be received by both the pharmacy and the customer.