A Comprehensive Laundry Application - Rith Laundry

A mobile on-demand app can work wonders for your laundry business, where users can track orders, bookings, and other processes in real time.

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Subscription Module

Customers can subscribe to their packages, which include the categories and validity of the package, and place orders based on these packages. The admin panel can be used to create these subscription packages.

Dynamic time slot allocation

Customers can schedule pick-up and delivery of their laundry products at their leisure. We used our own time slot algorithm to show the customer the date and time for pick up and delivery.

Instantaneous address

Customers can choose their current address as both a pickup and delivery address when placing their order. Alternatively, the customer can use Google Maps to select the pickup location. The customer can keep an address book with multiple addresses. Customers can also edit or delete these addresses depending on how they comfortable.

Price Visibility

On the drawer navigation bar of the customer application, there is a separate price list where the customer can check the price of all services. In addition, while selecting products, the customer can check the price under the services tab. Also can finalise the price on the cart page too.

Google Map navigation

The partner must travel to the customer's location to pick up and deliver the products, so the partner must be aware of the customer's location. Partner can use Google Maps navigation to determine the customer's location.

Geo Fencing

In the admin panel, there is a zone module that allows you to create zones with polygons. This will act as a virtual boundary around the laundry services area.

Feedback Box

If the customer has any suggestions or any reviews for the administrator, they can send them to the administrator using this feedback option.

Cart Option

Customers can search for all products and confirm which products are required continue providing services. Once they have confirmed the products, they can add them to the cart and view them in the cart page.

Cart revising possibilities

Customers can choose products and add them to their cart to receive services on those products. Customers can check the cart page to finalise their order before placing their order. If they need to change the number of products in the order, they can do so from the cart page without having to go back.

Optimized order tracking

On the customer application, there is a My order menu where the customer can view all of his orders and their statuses. There is also an order tracking section where the customer can track each stage of all of his orders.

RTL Applicable

This application supports RTL (right to left) languages. Languages such as Arabic, which can be written from right to left, can be used in this application.

Promo code Offers

Customers can get discounts on their orders by using the promo code option. These promocodes can be generated and assigned to customers via the admin panel. This can be assigned to a individual customer or all customers.

Order intendance

Every order can be managed directly from the admin panel. The admin will assign the delivery partner to pick up the order from the customer's location once the order has been booked by the customer. Similarly, once the order is completed, the admin will assign the delivery partner to deliver it.

Call Opportunity

While ordering and delivering a service, there may be a need to communicate about the order between the individuals handling the order. In that case, our application includes a call option, through which both the partner can communicate with the customer about the order.

Payment Avenue

If the customer booked a service as an order, that order must be paid for. To pay for an order, our app offers both online and cash on delivery options. We have currently integrated razor pay as a payment gateway for online orders.

Push Notification

The partner will change the order status at each stage, and that status will be automatically notified to the customer via push notification. So they can check the status of the order without having to open the application.